• Senior Management

    Senior Management

    Maj. General Dr. Abdul Quddoos Al- Obaidli

    • PhD in Law
    • Quality related qualifications (EFQM, Six Sigma) and Innovation & Strategy
    • Many publications
    • Certified Lecturer and speaker
    • Project Manager for EFQM, QHSE/ISO/SS implementation
    • Chair of Emirates Intellectual Property Association
    • Chair of Emirates Strategic Planning Association
    • ASQ member 
  • Middle Management

    Middle Management

    Dr. Akula Ramakrishna

    • PhD in Engineering
    • Quality related qualifications (ISO, EFQM, TQM)
    • Many self-development initiatives
    • Technical publications on LPG Quality Standards
    • Presentations in conferences  LPG Quality Standards & Compliance
    • Implemented many projects QHSE/ISO/Lean
    • Business Excellence Assessor
    • ASQ member 
  • SeniorDr. Abdul Quddoos Al- Obaidli
  • Middle Dr. Akula Ramakrishna