Award Criteria & Scoring Matrix

The nomination process is based on a set of criteria relevant to each of the categories covering the nominee accomplishments in the below areas. Evidence for each of the criteria applied is required to be uploaded to facilitate the validation of information provided:

  • Academic Qualifications 
  • Quality-related qualifications / self-development initiatives & continuous learning
  • Most recent publications (books/articles published in tech journals/white papers etc…)
  • Papers/presentations in conferences etc…
  • Voluntary/ leading role in a recognized organization related to the Quality field
  • Accomplishments:
    • Recognition at work
    • Special improvement projects
    • Memberships in professional bodies 
    • Contribution to Quality & Merits 

In addition to the above, the jury wants to hear from:

  • Your superiors, your colleagues or friends through two mandatory recommendation letters to be attached to the nomination to make your nomination stand out from the crowd.
  • You, about the great work you did and you are currently doing, and this is through two different means:
    • In the form of a short statement at the end of your application to back up your nomination and demonstrate your passion and drive.
    • If you are selected among the top applicants in your category, the jury will contact you for an interview to further sense your passion and validate the choice and selection of the best fit and deserving Quality Professional.

A maximum score will apply to each criteria area within a category. The total maximum score, that an applicant can achieve for his/her entire application, is based on the application category.

  • Maximum score for an application in the Senior Management category is 100 points.
  • Maximum score for an application in the Middle Management category is 50 points.

To know more about the criteria and requirements, please access the nomination form in the red box above and download the Applicant Guidelines.

How and when to submit your nomination?

The Award Nomination Process

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